Innovative Desert Framing creates the Designs required and Maintains the integrity of the approved House FramingDesigns..

T HE BEST......

WE strive to provide the best quality of service available. On every job, we arrive at all service locations at the designated time, ready to work and ready to serve. At all times, we maintain a tidy worksite so that the area is safe from hazards and clear of debris.


We are guided by three core principles – Safety, Performance, and Integrity.

Safety – our number one priority is our commitment to protect the life and property on every project.

Performance – in our commitment to excellence we welcome customer feedback to influence our internal controls, which ultimately strengthens our ability to better serve our customers.

Integrity – our commitment to trustworthiness. Our constant objective is to build upon our customer relationships through hard work and reliable dependable service.


These  services may benefit you in many ways, primarily by ensuring the building continues to conform to the vision first developed during the design phase without going over budget. There's nothing more devastating than placing hours of work into crafting the ideal construction, only to be confronted with an end product which doesn't resemble what you had in mind, or one that has gone way too far out of your budget range. With INNOVATIVE DESERT FRAMING's assistance, any inconsistencies will be caught before it's too late.

When we sign on as your construction management company, our commitment doesn't end when the layout is finalized.